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No New Posts Rules and General Information

The rules are in here and are a must-read. There is also information on the site that will come in handy.

3 4 Handy Links
by tisari
Apr 19, 2009 21:32:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions whatsoever about the site, please post them here! =D

2 6 Minor suggestion
by Karasu
Aug 8, 2012 15:40:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Roleplaying Reminders

1. Be nice about it.
2. Only post here if they haven't replied for a while.
3. Make a board for that roleplay and remind them.
4. If they forget that roleplay again, just post in the same board again.

Thanks. ^^

1 1 Casherz' Open Threads
by Cash
Jul 19, 2012 11:07:42 GMT -5
No New Posts General Board

You may talk about anything here.

Moderator: Cricket

Sub-boards: Personal Corner, Absences, Affiliates, Other Sites

50 129 Kai needs this thread
by Irrariasode
Sept 23, 2020 23:34:59 GMT -5
No New Posts The Sasqui Arcade

Here at the Sasqui Arcade, you can play games to win marvelous prizes! They range from TMs for your Island Pokemon to a new Pokemon in the trainer section and all the way to getting a new creature in the Mythical market. (Giveaways are also held here.)

Sub-boards: Constant Games, One-Time Games, User-held games, Sasquian Giveaways!

by tisari
Jul 16, 2012 22:34:26 GMT -5
No New Posts Administration Station

1 1

Characters and Information

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No New Posts Characters

Come here to create your characters using the template provided. Once they're accepted, they'll be moved to the appropriate sub-board. ^^

Sub-boards: Pokemon Island, Pokemon Trainers

39 80 The Valiant Knight
by Meownique
Dec 17, 2013 3:01:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Adoptable Characters

If you thought up the perfect profile for a character but don't want to use it for yourself, or you got bored of your character an want to drop him/her, put the character up for adoption!

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No New Posts Trainer PCs

Trainer PCs can go here! Pokemon parties, pokemon in storage, and item lists can go here.

Sub-boards: MALE PCs, FEMALE PCs

14 43 Mystique's Collection
by Wonder-Chan
Sept 3, 2012 12:44:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Plots & Relationships

Wanted Ads, Looking For, etc is here. Relationship charts will also be placed here! Feel free to create lots of side-plots, etc.


11 16 Gammatek File: Tesla\Relationships
by Karasu
Aug 12, 2012 0:37:37 GMT -5

City Travel

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No New Posts Sasqui City

This is often regarded as the very first city of the Sasqui Region. It's a very plain town, yet many people tend to visit and live here, making it awfully crowd.
NOTE: You do not have to start your journey here. You can start anywhere on the map and can move in any direction you wish.

Sub-boards: Sasqui Airlines, Sasqui Pokemon Lab, Your Home, Sasqui Shop, Sasqui Adoption Agency

2 8 And so it begins...
by Rachie
Aug 14, 2012 15:32:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Desert Path

This is a long entwining desert path that eventually leads to Route 1.

Sub-board: Off the Path

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No New Posts Route 1

Route 1 starts where the desert gets less dry and more plants start appearing The road for Route 1 is paved and the occasional strange shop or house can be found here.

Sub-boards: Route 1; Swamp Forest, Vacant Cabin

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No New Posts Tarro Town

This town is bleek, and filled with hardly any people. Most of the houses are abandoned and blank, and the pokemon center is almost broken down at destroyed. Ghost pokemon lurk here.

Sub-boards: Tarro Town Gym, Pokemon Lab, Haunted Mansion, Spooky Adoptions, Spook Shop, Pokemon Center

7 94 Nothing to be afraid of!
by Scuro
Sept 21, 2012 1:11:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Ghosts Forest

Now this is where it gets spooky. This is a pathway of dark skinny trees, chilling breezes and a small graveyard. Every other pokemon in this forest are dark, grass, or ghost. Be careful, the ghosts love to play pranks on travelers.

Sub-board: The Graveyard

3 200 Illusive Shadow in the Night
by Scuro
Jul 4, 2014 2:42:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Dark Meadow

This meadow is a clearing out of the trees in the Ghost forests, but is still dark from it. The pokemon here aren't all dark, however, and a few gloomy fire and grass pokemon do roam along with a few ground. Especially on warm days.

1 43 [ ::Sailing on the Pumpkin Tide:: ] ~ Ardeo
by Kai
Dec 21, 2012 20:02:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Landark River

This river is all that's left to cross before you get to the odd city of Landark. You must have a water pokemon to get across, so if you don't then it might be better to get across the bridge.

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No New Posts The Ark Bridge

This bridge is what will get you across if you do not have a pokemon that can get you across the river. It cost 15 steps for each time you have to cross. And there are three challenges before you can finally get into Landark City.

Sub-boards: Challenge one, Challenge two, Challenge three, Last Guard

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No New Posts Landark City

Landark city is a strange festive place, where people aren't always completely sane. Have fun!

Sub-boards: Landark Laboratory, Landark Shop, Landark Gym, Landark Adoption Center

5 21 Det Gör Ont En Stund På Natten
by Karasu
Sept 4, 2012 16:58:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Landark Road

There is a main road through Landark that leads straight into in and then straight out of it. :3 This the path to leave the strange city.

2 2 Dansa i Neon, Bortom Ropen, Bortom Skratten
by Karasu
Sept 5, 2012 15:46:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Route 2

The second route on the map, this is normal as like the first one.

Sub-board: Empty Hollow

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No New Posts Beach Path

There are three paths that separate off of Route 2, one leading to a beach, another leading to a meadow, and the other leading off to a lake. They all return back together to come into the Sandwind City. This one leads to Sandwind Ocean.
This path is very grainy and rocky.

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No New Posts Meadow Path

This meadow path is grassy and nice. It has no clear trail, but it's pretty flat so it shouldn't be hard to get through. Just try to avoid walking in circles!

Sub-board: Dmitriy and Ardeo's Secret Base

1 11 Empty Base. . .
by Kai
Jul 15, 2012 20:17:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Lake Path

This path is one of the three that leads off from Route 1. It is grassy and sometimes the grass goes up very high on the body, though it is not hard to find your way, as the path is indented into the grass.

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No New Posts Sandwind Beach

Sandwind beach is a very calm gentle place, with nice water and nice sand. The pokemon, however, can usually be not so nice. They vary from super nice to super mean, it's hard to tell which one you'll come across. Just be careful!

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No New Posts Sandwind Meadow

Sandwind Meadow is also very peaceful, filled to the brim with grass pokemon and bug pokemon.

Sub-boards: Niji Eevee Ranch, Small Sweets Shop

4 80 The Meetup
by Cricket
Dec 21, 2012 20:01:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Sandwind Lake

Sandwind lake is a very odd place. There are many strange things that happen here, and many psychics that thrive here.

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No New Posts Sandwind

Sandwind is the most royal and richest place to exist. It is filled with overly proper people who look down on people they consider "Under" them.

Sub-boards: Sandwind Gym , Sandwind Agency, Sandwind Laboratory, Pokemon Center, Pokemon Spa, Sandwind City Shop

5 21 Shenanigans
by Meownique
May 24, 2013 18:27:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Route 3

Route 3 is considered one of the best routes to find pokemon- it has almost every habitat. The temperatures go up and down all day, and the weather changes instantly. Some say Rayquaza is the cause for this, but no one really knows, or for that matter, cares- all they know is that the most interesting pokemon come here, in every shape, size, or type.

Sub-board: Professor Cedar's Research Facility

1 3 The Work Begins
by Meownique
Apr 2, 2013 16:18:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Lava Prairie

This route is called Lava Prairie- it's rather short, but the whole way, it's basically melted lava. There is, however, no volcano in sight. Nonetheless, you're sure to find fire pokemon here. It's easy to see the little village ahead.

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No New Posts Marble Village

Marble Village sounds regal, like Sandwind, but it is in fact a very small village. There are one or two houses, a mart, and no pokecenter. An old lady who lives here, however, is happy to heal all anyones pokemon. There is a gym as well.

Sub-boards: Marble Laboratory, Annie's House, Marble Village Shop, Marble Village Gym, Marble Village Agency

2 2 The Mart
by tisari
Apr 25, 2009 23:05:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Ancient Trail

Ancient Trail is made out of Marble and leads from Marble Village- hence the name- all the way to the next city, which is a fairly long ways away. It's old marble, and it's worn out, but still obviously visible. Mostly grass, bug, and some water pokemon appear here because it is commonly raining around here.

Sub-board: Mirage Cavern

1 34 A Strange Mix
by Kai
Oct 28, 2013 11:28:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Route 4

With the marble trail still leading the way, this route goes right through a large lake- the path is about five metres wide and on either side of it is just water. It seems like an ocean, but you can just make out the edge of the lake ahead of you. Water and Ice pokemon are common here, as well as bug pokemon and psychics.

Sub-board: Mushi's House

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No New Posts Route 5

Route 5 is very scenic- and things seem to be going uphill. Boulders and ridges are visible, and ahead of you, you can see a large mountain, surrounded by water. Because of the pollution of the water surrounding it, it's extremely unhealthy and dangerous to surf through- many people have died because of the high leveled grimers and muk who thrive in that water. It's also a shortcut you don't want to take- the next gym is ontop of that mountain! Ice, fire, flying and grass pokemon are common here.

Sub-board: Leah's Secret Base

1 4 The Pidgey Mystery
by Cash
Sept 5, 2012 0:54:13 GMT -5
No New Posts Fighting City

Original name, hmm? The people here are obviously very proud of their fighting pokemon- many of them, quite obsessed. The gym here is known to be quite difficult to beat- whatever you do, don't bring normal pokemon. The people here are also very superstitious.

Sub-boards: Fighting City Gym, Fighting Agency, Fighting Laboratory, Fighting City Mart

3 7 Time to Go
by Cricket
Aug 31, 2012 2:24:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Ridged Cliff

This cliffside is very dangerous- most people rely on their pokemon to help them get down. There are stairs, but they're very steep and veer off the trail, taking a lot of time to go down. Trainers are warned to be careful here. Fighting, rock and flying pokemon are common.

1 3 What a Nice Place.
by Kimo
Jul 16, 2012 9:56:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Peace Village

Just a peaceful little village. Very different than Fighting City, this little "Peace Village" is located just a little ways below it, at the bottom of the cliff. With swaying flowers, long grass, and a wind that never seems to go past a gentle breeze, it's no wonder that they named it what they did. The people here are all very kind and live up to their name. They're very generous, and appreciate it greatly if you return the favor. There are contests, festivals, community get togethers- the works. Your pokemon are healed for free and the mart is considerably cheap. The Gym is not an easy battle, but there are plenty of chances to train with the people who live around it- they're always up for a good battle. There's also a pokemon laboratory, famous for giving starter pokemon to some of the best trainers and gym leaders of the decade.

Sub-boards: Peace Village Gym, Peace Village Laboratory, Peace Village Adoption Agency, Peace Village Mart

4 20 New Beginnings
by Wonder-Chan
Aug 30, 2012 17:23:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Ridgewood Forest

This forest has tall trees bunched close together, with fog seeping around the floor. It's easy to get lost here.

1 4 Imagination Forest
by Kai
Sept 6, 2012 9:54:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Peppered Wash

This wash was named 'Peppered Wash' because it is filled with strange black and white stones. The black stones seem charred, and when scrubbed, they turn white. Lots of fire pokemon like to hang out around here, warming up the rocks and sitting around them.

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No New Posts Black River

The wash remains bare until you get farther away from Peace Village. Here is where the water starts to form a river, however the rocks are a weird grey color, all the soot and ash has built up in this little river, turning it into a very dark color.

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No New Posts Grey Lake

That's right. As expected, the long dark river leads to an abnormally color lake. It's rather cold here and winds pick up quite often, so bring a jacket.

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No New Posts Caliden

Surrounded by trees, Caliden is a small but florishing town that is a favorable place for artistic talent. Painters love to liven their house with their own trademark and the dancers live to preform at the Theater there. Artists usually have many kind of styles and ideas, but a popular theme here is nature. It has spread on even to the leader of the Caliden's Gym, which is fairly new along with its leader.
People here are usually nice, only one in a while you'll stumble onto the town's hot-headed politic cartoonist.
If you need a place to stay for the night, whether to rest your pokemon or stay in town for an opera show, you could always head over to the Ricketts' house, a young couple who are very hospitable.

Sub-boards: Caliden Gym, Caliden Theater, The Ricketts' Household, Caliden Adoption Agency

1 1 The Agency
by Kai
Apr 25, 2009 23:20:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Frosty Hedge

This is one of the hardest places for trainers and pokemon alike to travel through. It's a large cliff that goes townwards from Caliden, and is very cold; there are bushes and hedges running along the length of it here and there, and caves into the cliffside are scattered around; sometimes they'll be covered by a thin layer of ice, so watch where you step.

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No New Posts Shirotokai

Shirotokai, a large city, is located in a little valley where things are always rather...snowy.
Living up to it's Japanese name, Shirotokai, which literally means "White City", it's constantly snowing here.
However...surprisingly warm.
The cherry trees here bloom as usual, and flowers are always coming up amongst the snow. It's a surprising phenomenon that can really only happen in the world of pokemon.
The people here are quiet and respectful and pay regular visits to their shrine at the top of the mountain near the city. Don't forget to visit the mart and the gym!

Sub-boards: Shirotokai PokeMart and PokeCenter, Shirotokai Shrine, Shirotokai Lab, Shirotokai Gym, Shirotokai Adoption Agency

2 2 Welcome to the Gym
by Cash
Jul 11, 2012 15:52:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Route 6

A little path leading out of Shirotokai. It generally doesn't take trainers very long to pass through here; it's basically a morning or afternoon hike. At the end of it, once you come out of the mountains, you find yourself- on a beach!?
A little house here will pay big bucks for any treasure you find on your journey on Route 7.

Sub-board: Treasure House

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No New Posts Route 7

Route 7 is an ocean route. There is a path you can take to get to the next city, however, it only lasts during low tide and takes a lot longer. If any of your pokemon know surf, get on your bathing suit and you're on your way! Obviously, only water pokemon appear here, but the occasional Wingull or Pelipper will come by as well. Careful of the ocean currents...

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No New Posts Dodger City

Dodger is the biggest city in all of Sasqui; and it's located in the middle of the ocean! With skyscrapers that go up to the clouds, a mart that's bigger than all of the other ones combined, and a huge gym, Dodger is the biggest city out there. It's got a gym, an adoption agency, a GIANT mart, a Pokemon Contest building, and much, much more. It's named after the colour of the bright blue water that surrounds it.

Sub-boards: Dodger Pokemon Labratory, Dodger Gym, Dodger Poke Mart, Dodger PokeCenter, Dodger Pokemon Contests, Dodger Adoption Agency

8 14 fcnaalwqnwhj
by jljspswc
Oct 31, 2020 6:56:24 GMT -5

Miscellaneous Places in City

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Rocket Retreat

A small white building with clear windows that appears to radiate technology. Inside the main lobby, a desk awaits with a receptionist welcoming newcomers.

1 2 Welcome!
by Scuro
Sept 4, 2012 0:13:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Breeding Stalls

The Breeding Stalls are places where you can breed your pokemon with other people's pokemon to get eggs! There are guidelines and what not to follow, so make sure you read them.

1 1 Guidelines
by tisari
Apr 25, 2009 21:22:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Pokemon Paradise

Welcome to Pokemon Paradise, a pokemon theme park of sorts that only allows pokemon. Filled with rides and games and other such things, this is the perfect place for trainers to drop their pokemon off to have fun!

Sub-boards: Treehouse, Pool/Race Track, Stadium/Sandbox, Swingset/Trampoline, Jungle Gym/Workout area

1 5 Climb to the Sky [Open]
by Cash
Dec 16, 2012 2:46:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Sasqui Post Office

This is Sasqui's main post office. Journalists line every room in this building to write up a thrilling newspaper and other letters to all the trainers in the Sasqui Region.

Sub-board: Requests

by tisari
Jun 29, 2012 21:02:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Union Tower

[ Open! ] ~ The biggest building in all of Sasqui, a center where Trainers all over the world can meet and greet for battles, trading or shopping! It's the ultimate in one stop shopping for all Trainer needs.

Moderator: Kai

Sub-boards: Floor Five, Floor Four, Floor Three, Floor Two, Floor One

10 20 Sky Kiosk
by Cricket
Oct 21, 2013 21:43:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Alice In Wonderland Festival!

The theme of this festival is Alice In Wonderland! Ride the teacups, find your way through the maze and flower garden, and take part in strange drinks that will make your pokemon shrink and grow! It's an easy way to meet people and get some cool, free items and pokemon!

Sub-boards: Amusement Park, The Maze!, The Cheshire Furret, The Mad Hatter's, Which Ditto Stole the Tarts?, Random Pokemon And Item Generator, Carnival Shop

12 93 Random Item Generator
by Item
Sept 9, 2021 19:57:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Shiny Lake

An annual appearance of this mysterious lake has brought many trainers to gather a shiny. However, to preserve the lake's strange inhabitants, guards watch over to make sure only one pokemon is taken per trainer, so choose wisely! Rods or surf needed.

Sub-board: Fishing Supplies

1 2 Supplies
by Kai
Mar 28, 2010 18:19:42 GMT -5

The Records

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Records

A place where all the old trheads of sasqui are kept. Organized under different subboards according to the category they came from. Admins can lock and move threads to thier right place.

Sub-boards: 2012-Present, 2007-2012

915 12,240 ~Difficult Path~ (Kimo)
by Robertcag
Aug 22, 2020 4:06:58 GMT -5


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